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Latest news [updated on 13/01]

Int. Conf. on Inequalities, Skills and Globalization [updated on 13/01]

Find here the call, submission deadline, notification of acceptance date and contact information.

Two new researchers in our team in Lille [updated on 10/02]

Two new colleagues are working with the MONDES members of Lille 1.

Post-doc and research fellow offers [updated on 03/07]

Read the anouncements and the full descriptions of the two positions opened by the project members of the University Lille 1.

Article technical notes [updated on 03/05]

Download the technical notes of the first published articles.

WP abstract [updated on 03/05]

Download the abstract of last WP on labor fiscal competition.

Workshop Globalisation, Inequality, ... [updated on 12/01]

We organise a one-day workshop on globalisation and inequality, ...

Working papers abstracts [updated on 27/10]

Download the abstracts of the first working papers of the MONDES project.

MONDES partners [aj. le 09/10]

Discover the partners' cv and webpage.


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