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Latest news [updated on 13/01]

Int. Conf. on Inequalities, Skills and Globalization [updated on 13/01]

Find here the call, submission deadline, notification of acceptance date and contact information.

Two new researchers in our team in Lille [updated on 10/02]

Two new colleagues are working with the MONDES members of Lille 1.

Post-doc and research fellow offers [updated on 03/07]

Read the anouncements and the full descriptions of the two positions opened by the project members of the University Lille 1.

Article technical notes [updated on 03/05]

Download the technical notes of the first published articles.

WP abstract [updated on 03/05]

Download the abstract of last WP on labor fiscal competition.

Workshop Globalisation, Inequality, ... [updated on 12/01]

We organise a one-day workshop on globalisation and inequality, ...

Working papers abstracts [updated on 27/10]

Download the abstracts of the first working papers of the MONDES project.

MONDES partners [aj. le 09/10]

Discover the partners' cv and webpage.


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mai 03 2010

Working paper abstract

Find here all the abstracts of working papers of the MONDES project. This page will be regularly updated with the upcoming research papers abstracts. On top of the list, find the latest working papers abstracts.

Merlevede B., G. Rayp, S. Van Parys, T. VerbekeDo EU15 Countries Compete over Labour Taxes ?
Nathalie chusseau and Joël HellierEducational Systems, Mobility and Segmentation
Joël HellierEquality, Efficiency and the Skill Gap
Nathalie Chusseau, Michel Dumont, Joël Hellier and Glenn RaypIs there a Country Specific IU Tradeoff
Kirill Borissov and Joël HellierGlobalisation, Skill Dynamics, Inequality and Welfare
Joël HellierWorking Poors Trajectories
Joël HellierStages of Globalisation, Inequality and Unemployment
Kirill Borissov and Stéphane LambrechtEducation, Wage Inequality and Growth

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mai 03 2010

Technical notes of articles

Find here all the technical notes of the articles of the MONDES project. This page will be regularly updated with the notes which are linked to upcoming published research papers whenever necessary. On top of the list, find the latest notes.

Nathalie Chusseau and Joël HellierGlobalisation and the Inequality-Unemployment Trade-off

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