Globalisation, Restructuring
and Social and Professional Downgrading

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"Vulnérabilités :
à l'articulation
du sanitaire et du social"


Welcome on the MONDES website

Presentation of the project

This project analyses the dynamics of inequalities and social exclusion induced by under-education within advanced countries (the North) in a globalized World.

The project has three major objectives:

  1. The analysis and measurement of the influence of globalization-induced industrial restructuring upon the intergenerational skill mobility in the North, by focusing on the emergence of under-education and exclusion traps.
  2. The study of the education and/or social policies that make it possible to escape from these unwilling developments.
  3. The analysis and estimation of the impact of globalization and technical progress on these policies, their funding and efficiency, and on the developments of the labour market institutions (trade union power, bargaining etc.).

Within such a framework, four workpackages (WPs) are presented. The first (Globalisation, Retructuring and Poverty Trap) investigates (i) the impact of technical progress combined with globalisation on the inequality versus unemployment trade-off in the North countries, and (ii) the impact of the globalization-induced industrial restructuring on unemployment, professional downgrading, under-education traps and social exclusion.

The second WP (Education and Globalisation: Intergenerational Analysis) explores (i) the impact of the interactions between globalisation and the different educational systems on intergenerational mobility and social segmentation, and (ii) the influence of several educational policies upon human capital accumulation and upon the fight against under-education and exclusion, by focusing on the trade-offs between basic and higher education, between specific and general education, and between general action and affirmative action.

The third package (The probability to fall in a poverty trap) aims at estimating the impact of globalization-induced restructurings on the probability to become a working poor and to fall in an exclusion trap. The fourth WP (Technical progress and labour market adjustments in globalized economies) analyses social competition between North countries and the influence of technical progress and globalization upon the union's bargaining power.

This programme combines several complementary analytical tools: (i) the building of theoretical models (general equilibrium modelling in comparative static and intergenerational dynamics, games between employers and trade unions) that make it possible to represent the main operating mechanisms; (ii) simulation exercises based on observed data and calculated parameters that allow to extend the models to more complex configurations with no simple analytical solutions; (iii) econometric estimations of the results.

The project puts together junior as well as senior researchers within four countries and seven Research Centres (EQUIPPE, Univ. of Lille; LEN, Univ. of Nantes; Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium; SHERPPA, University of Gent, Belgium; University of Antwerp, Belgium; Loughborough, UK; European University of St Petersburg, Russia). All these researchers are working on inequalities and/or poverty, and they are highly complementary in their expertises: international economics, labour economics, growth, intergenerational modelling and CGE modelling, econometrics, microeconomics and measure of poverty.

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jan. 13 2012

Call for papers

An International Conference

Inequalities, Skills and Globalization

is organized in Lille on the 21st and 22nd of June 2012

The conference is organised within the framework of the programme MONDES (Globalization, restructuring and social and professional downgrading), funded by the French Research National Agency (ANR), in partnership with the research group GRESI (Globalisation, Regionalization and Economic Inequality) financed by the Flanders Region, the MESHS (European Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Lille) and the University of Lille 1.
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feb. 10 2011

Two researchers have joined our team in Lille

... in january 2011

After our call for two positions of young researchers in the MONDES project, we have selected two applicants, one the economist reasearch fellow position and one for the post-doctoral position. They both started to work on econometrics and modelling in education economics and on general equilibrium modelling applied to OLG models and international labor economics, in collaboration with the team of University of Lille 1.
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juil. 03 2010

MONDES is offering two positions

Post-doc position and research fellow position

Project members of EQUIPPE laboratory (U. Lille 1) are looking for a post-doc researcher and an economist research fellow, each for a one-year contract.
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mai 03 2010

Articles technical notes

The first technical notes linked to published research articles are on line

Download the technical notes of the first published articles of the MONDES project.
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mai 03 2010

Working paper abstract

Labor fiscal competition

Download the abstract of Merlevede, Rayp, Van Parys and Verbeke's last working paper on labor fiscal competition.
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janv. 12 2010

Workshop Globalisation, Inequality, Education and Social Downgrading

January 15th 2010, University Lille 1

We organise a one-day workshop on globalisation and inequality, education and social downgrading in Lille. Researchers ...
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oct. 27 2009

Working papers abstracts

The first working papers abstracts are on line

Download the abstracts of the first working papers of the MONDES project.
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oct. 09 2009

MONDES is offering a post-doc position

Job description and contact address

Discover the features of the call for a post-doc researcher issued by the EQUIPPE laboratory in Lille.
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oct 09 2009

Who are the MONDES project partners ?

Informations on the project partners

Here are the project researchers' cv and/or personal webpage.
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